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Children & Young People

What is Safeguarding?

You may have heard people talk about ‘child protection’. Child protection is when people are worried that a child may be being hurt by someone. A social worker’s job, with the help of other workers like the police, health visitors and teachers, is to stop children from being hurt. Safeguarding is the word we use when we want to stop children and young people from being hurt. Safeguarding looks at what needs to happen to keep children and young people safe.

What is Abuse?

TThe Government has published a guide for young people to explain what abuse is and how to keep children safe.
» Young Persons Guide to Keeping Children Safe 

How do we do this?

There is a group of people who meet regularly to look at what things can be done in Newham to safeguard children and young people. These people have different jobs including: police, doctors, social workers, and teachers, we call these our partners. Working Together The Government has published the guide below for young people to explian how adults and professionals are expected to work together to protect and safeguard children.

The job of Newham Safeguarding Children Partnership is to make sure agencies are working together to safeguard children and young people and make them safe. It is our job to work hard to make sure that Newham is a safe place for children and young people to grow up. The NSCP helps partners ensure that what they do to safeguard children and young people works. What they do is regulary checked, and if needed changed, to make sure the needs of Newham’s children and young people are met in the best possible way.
» Young Persons Guide to Working Together to Safeguard Children

Worried about someone?
» Information on what to do

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