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Boards and Sub-committees

The NSCP is made up of an Executive Board with senior representatives from its member agencies and various sub-committees which undertake the Board’s business. Sub-committees meet on an average bi-monthly (with the Child Death Overview Panel meeting quarterly) and report back to the Business Management Group bi- monthly.

Newham Safeguarding Children Partnership: Chaired by: Julia Stephens-Row NSCP Independent Chair.

Promote the high delivery of safeguarding services from all of the partner agencies in line with the NSCP Constitution and annual plan.
The  purpose of each sub-group and details of the Chair are shown below:

Business Management Group:
Chaired by Julia Stephens-Row: NSCP Independent Chair

To ensure there are effective and holistic systems and processes in place to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of children, young people and their families in Newham across all partner agencies.

Through the sub group to ensure that there is a golden thread by co-ordinating the work of the sub groups in line with the NSCP Business Plan.

To lead on policies and procedures function of the NSCP.


Performance and Quality Assurance Sub-Group:
Chaired by Ian McKay: Director: Assistant Director – CAMHS and Children’s Services (Newham)
East London Foundation NHS Trust

To review multi agency performance against the NSCP data set across the partnership

To develop and oversee a programme of multi agency audits of practice

To develop and oversee a programme of Section 11 self audits across the partnership

To provide scrutiny and challenge to NSCP partner agencies in regard to their statutory safeguarding arrangements


Child Safeguarding Practice Review Sub-Group:
Chaired by Paul Clements: Superintendent Met Police

Scrutinise action plan recommendations and timescales

To ensure actions arising from serious case reviews are implemented and to raise the expectations to the Executive Board

To maintain an overview of the key themes in recommendations and actions

To ensure that agencies are disseminating lessons from SCR/Management Reviews.

To review serious incidents to determine if a serious case review is indicated and to commission the case review where required.


Complex Safeguarding Sub Group

Chaired by Beverley Halligan: Head of Social Work Improvement/Principal Social Worker, Children’s Planning and Review. LBN

Develop and maintain complex safeguarding problem profiles

Learning from SCR, quality assurance audits and research is disseminated and action planning tracked and monitored.

Quality Assurance – Peer review and thematic audits.

Oversee and monitor the work of the Vulnerability and Exploitation Panel

To review, analyse and report on data in relation to children at risk/ exposed to exploitation

To keep abreast of legislation, policy, guidance and trends, and disseminate these throughout the partnership.

To disseminate learning about good and areas for improvement across the partnership.

To contribute to Local and National strategic developments and minimise any potential disconnect between operational practice and strategic planning


Child Death Overview Panel:
Chaired by Reagender Kang; Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children. NHS Newham CCG

To review all child deaths of children resident in Newham from birth to 18 years of age.


Joint Health Safeguarding Sub Group:
Chaired By: Chetan Vyas; Director of Quality and Development. NHS Newham Clinical Commissioning Group

To provide strategic direction for the health contribution to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in Newham consistent with the duties under Children Act 1989, 2004, National Service Framework for Children, young people and Maternity Services (2004) and associated guidance Working Together guidance (HM 2013) and NSCP business plan.

To facilitate effective communication between Newham Safeguarding Children Partnership and those with executive lead and named responsibility for safeguarding children across Newham health economy.

To co-ordinate and monitor the health (commissioning and provider) contribution to promoting the welfare and safety of children as required by the NSCP.

To develop, support and monitor GP practice safeguarding arrangements and activity with NHS England.

To provide assurance to CCG Board through the Quality Committee and NSCP that the CCG and all health care providers effectively discharge their statutory duties to safeguard children and where there are issues remedial action plans are in place to ensure these are effectively addressed.


Task & Finish Sub Groups:

These groups are established for a short period to complete a piece of work to address actions within the business plan, actions arising from serious case reviews or emerging issues requiring action from the partnership.


Supporting and Safeguarding Children affected by Parental Mental Health.

Chaired by Beverley Latania; Principle Social Worker; Newham Adults Social Care. 

To improve support for children affected by parental mental health, including improving practice in pre-birth planning where parental mental health features; and develop a model for working with families with long term support needs.

Where effective mechanisms already exist, it is not the group’s intention is not to duplicate work, but rather to provide a scrutiny and challenge function to assure the board that effective work is taking place

Prevention of Exploitation for Children and Young People in Educational Settings:

Chaired by Sandy Davies; Principle for Education Links

Working with key partners to respond and focus on group related exploitation of vulnerable children and young people.

To develop preventative strategies and tools for schools and key partners to identify and put in place interventions.

Learning from evidence and good practice

Collate and analyse data available to the group

Produce a tool for the children’s workforce identifying signs and indicators of exploitations

Produce information and resources for schools and parents to raise awareness and sign post to support services.

Plan the future approach and priorities to keep Newham’s young people safe

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